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Welcome to the website of RK company Print E-mail

RK Northwest Refining and Energy Company is a leading manufacturer of various standard kinds of bitumen in accordance with ASTM standards (American Society for Testing and Materials) and has capability to procure any other customized grades according to requirements of her valuable customers as well.


Contact us

address Address :
Fifth Floor, Bir Building, Allameh Tabatabai St. , Tabriz, Iran

iran:(+98)(41) 33379691-4

fax Fax :
(+98)(41) 33374756
e-mail Email :





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Latest News

New web site of RK oil is released

 Pleased to inform its customers and partners get , the official website released the northwest RK refining & energy company is available .The web site's graphics look beautiful and powerful software allows online shopping and order any products online for customers to provide Arka and the newest products and the latest company also gives usersvisibility.


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