RK Northwest Refining and Energy Company
About us

RK Northwest Refining and Energy Company started its activity in 2013 by producing various types of Penetrating grade, Performance grade , Solution and Emulsion Bitumens in an area of 12,500 square meters.
The company is producing high quality products with reasonable price, using its modern technology and specialized human resource.
RK Northwest Refining and Energy Company obtained related national and international standard certificates in 2013, and now s  producing and marketing its products according to this standard. In addition to standard Bitumen, RK company is planning to produce and market new products such as Polymer Bitumen in its future plan.
customer satisfaction is one of our main purposes. Accordingly, all our efforts are to ensure customer satisfaction and a good shopping experience in the minds of our valued customers.

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Board of Directors

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مقصود رهبرنیا، مدیر عامل

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علی اکبر کاظمی دادور، رئیس هیئت مدیره


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حسن رهبرنیا ، عضو هیئت مدیره


تیم شرکت

سعید رهبرنیا ، عضو هیئت مدیره